Emage Image Pro SUNlite

State-of-the-Art 3D Skin Imaging System

The Emage Image Pro SUNlite is a state-of-the-art high resolution, 3D  spectral skin imaging system. It’s capabilities gives the power to visualize several layers of the epidermis for more precise analysis both for clinical research and treatment outcomes.
Practices that use the Image Pro have seen significantly higher revenues through more effective aesthetic consults. 
Patients can now get a measurable baseline before their treatment & problem areas are identified. Providers can more accurately, create a tailored treatment plan to address the patient’s desired results.


  • Intense magnification in normal, parallel polarized, cross polarized and UV light
  • High resolution 3D technology – Shows patients detailed condition of their skin
  • Violeds technology – Sanitizes camera between patients using UVA & UVC
  • Retractable hood – Eliminates background images
  • Graycard – Automatically white balances every time
  • AI Smart Image automatic face recognition – Automatically matches previous pictures
  • Print a customized shopping cart – Significantly increase your revenue
  • Produces a QR code – Patients can view their analysis from their mobile phone
  • Increase patient satisfaction – Graphic proof of the results of their treatments
  • Unlimited training during warranty period

Normal, Cross Polarized, Parallel Polarized & Ultraviolet Light Depicts:

  • Sun Damage
  • Dyschromia Analysis
  • Sebum & Porphyrins
  • Elasticity Analysis
  • Hydration Levels
  • Pore Size and Depth
  • Precise Measurements
  • Surface, Epidermal & Dermal pigment
  • Wrinkles
  • Potential Wrinkles
  • Vascularity
  • Skin Age
  • Potential Wrinkles
  • Symmetry Analysis
  • Skin Texture
  • Inflammation

Patient Diagnostic Report